Westwood advocates saving water

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Dame Vivienne Westwood has admitted she shares bathwater with her husband.


The designer is a keen activist and recently cut her trademark red hair in an effort to “wake people up” to climate change.

She’s now appeared in a video for animal rights charity PETA, where she discusses the importance of vegetarianism as well as the best ways to conserve water.

Rather than run her own bath, the fashion star is happy to get in after her husband Andreas Kronthaler.

“Normally, at home, I’m not used to the habit of a shower. I just wash my bits and rush out in the morning,” she explains in the clip.

“And more often than not, I get in the bath after Andreas.”

Kronthaler is Westwood’s former fashion student and they’ve been married since 1992.

The 72-year-old Brit says it was “very lucky” when he decided to become a vegetarian and says he manages to be a “big strong man” even without eating meat.

In the video for PETA, the designer revealed why she feels so strongly about cutting meat out of her diet.

“I’m a vegetarian and I know how terrible it is for the environment to kill animals,” she explained.

“I’m a person that has enough money to make choices and this is my choice. We don’t need to eat animals. There’s too many of us anyway, that’s another problem, that we are so many people that eating animals is destroying the world. I believe we are an endangered species and we need to think about what we’re doing. If it’s a choice we can take it or leave it, otherwise it will be mass extinction.”

Westwood has also filmed a clip in which she explains the detrimental effect of the meat industry while taking a shower.

Wearing a shower cap, the designer says becoming a vegetarian is better for the environment than recycling and claims the meat industry wastes water.

She also says she can shower with a “clean conscience” because she doesn’t eat animals.

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