The skinny on fried food and fat

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Sometimes it seems we only have to look at fried food and we put on weight.


The good news is Harvard researchers have found a scientific explanation for why some people are more likely to gain weight after eating the fried stuff than others.

The answers lie in the genes.

A large study of more than 37,000 men and women found those who were genetically predisposed to obesity gained more weight from devouring fried food than those who were at lower risk.

Eating fried food once or twice a week increased the risk of becoming overweight in those with a genetic predisposition to obesity, while consuming it more than four times a week doubled the risk.

This was compared to those with a lower genetic risk of developing obesity.

The researchers, including from the Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School in Boston, looked at participants’ food consumption in and outside the home.

The study’s authors said it was the first time research suggested that people with a higher genetic predisposition to obesity could be more like to pile on the pounds from overeating fried food.

“Our findings emphasise the importance of reducing fried food consumption in the prevention of obesity, particularly in individuals genetically predisposed,” said assistant professor Lu Qi from the Harvard School of Public Health.

But the findings would not necessarily influence public health policy, according to two experts from Imperial College London.

The results were “unlikely to influence public health advice, since most of us should be eating fried food more sparingly anyway,” Professor Alexandra Blakemore and Dr Jessica Buxton wrote in an editorial in the British Medical Journal, which published the research.

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