Qld juveniles to serve time in adult jails

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Queensland’s repeat young offenders will be sent to adult jails when they turn 17 and publicly named and shamed.


Parliament was set to pass legislation on Tuesday that would make the state the harshest in Australia for juvenile criminals, as the principle of detention as a last resort is jettisoned.

“We will no longer tolerate shallow slaps on the wrists,” Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie told parliament.

About 60 per cent of young offenders had been to court five times or more, while about 30 per cent committed about three quarters of all offences, he said.

Repeat motor vehicle offenders in Townsville will be sent to boot camp as a mandatory sentence.

Local Government Minister David Crisafulli said out-of-control youth had been running amok in his Townsville electorate.

“The people we represent are under siege,” he said.

“Gangs of youth are out of control.

“People are living like prisoners in their own homes, going into the front driveway and some little thug with a knife car-jacking them.”

The Queensland Law Society told a committee consultation on the bill that juvenile detention increased the likelihood of reoffending.

Amnesty International said the bill would breach the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which Australia signed in 1990.

It states that the arrest, detention and imprisonment of young people should only be used as a last resort.

Labor is opposing the bill, with the opposition’s police spokesman Bill Byrne noting that not one committee submission backed it.

Palmer United Party MP Carl Judge, a former police officer who defected from the ruling Liberal National Party, was another critic.

“It is an ideological and immature approach to law-making not to adopt an evidence-based position which in this case requires an understanding of the causations of crime and recidivism,” he said.

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Peace requires risk: Obama tells Abbas

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US President Barack Obama has told Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas that both he and Israel’s politicians must be prepared to make tough decisions and take “risks” for peace.


Abbas arrived at the White House two weeks after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, warning that time was running short for a final deal, and said Israel could show it was serious by honouring a scheduled release of Palestinian prisoners this month.

Obama, personally supporting Secretary of State John Kerry’s exhaustive Middle East peace drive at a critical moment, is pressing both sides to accept a framework to carry negotiations past an end-of-April deadline.

“As I said to Prime Minister Netanyahu when he was here just a few weeks ago, I believe that now is the time …. to embrace this opportunity,” Obama said.

“It is very hard, very challenging. We are going to have to take some tough political decisions and risks if we’re able to move it forward.”

Obama said that everyone already understood the shape of an “elusive” peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, saying it would be based on 1967 lines with mutual land swaps.

Abbas sat beside Obama in the same Oval Office chair recently used by Netanyahu, when the Israeli leader complained Israel had done its part over decades of peace talks and the Palestinians hadn’t done theirs.

The white haired Palestinian leader told Obama: “We don’t have any time to waste.

“Time is not on our side, especially given the very difficult situation that the Middle East is experiencing and the entire region is facing,” he said.

Abbas did not use a photo opportunity before the talks to directly address the Israeli government’s demand for the Palestinians to recognise Israel as a “Jewish” state in public.

But he did say through a translator that the Palestinians had recognised Israel’s legitimacy in 1988 and in “1993 we recognised the state of Israel”.

Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat told AFP that “Abbas confirmed his position to President Obama refusing to recognise Israel as a Jewish State”.

Abbas also noted in the photo-op the agreement that the Palestinians have with Israel on the release of a fourth batch of prisoners by March 29.

“This will give a very solid impression about the seriousness of these efforts to achieve peace,” Abbas said.

Israeli ministers said last week that they would have difficulty approving the prisoner release if agreement was not reached to extend the peace talks.

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Police chase led to man’s death, inquest

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A policeman who wrongly chased Elijah Holcombe down a NSW street triggered a “cascading disaster” that left the mentally ill university student dead on the ground, an inquest has heard.


In the final days of a long-running inquiry, NSW coroner Mary Jerram has been urged to find Senior Constable Andrew Rich should never have pursued the 24-year-old down an Armidale shopping strip in June 2009.

The psychology student, who suffered delusional paranoia, ran into a cafe mid-chase, grabbed a bread knife and fled into a laneway where the officer fatally shot him.

“Elijah was being wrongly and inappropriately chased by a police officer with a view to an arrest,” counsel assisting Jeremy Gormly SC told the Sydney inquest.

“There was a cascading disaster: a mentally ill man, known to be mentally ill, being chased by a police officer, fearing police, fearing that he was going to be arrested and sent back to America or whatever was going on in his ill mind – it had all the makings of an event that was going to end badly.”

Mr Holcombe had voluntarily attended Armidale Hospital that morning but checked himself out.

The plain-clothes officer had been sent to find the Holcombe family car, which Mr Holcombe had taken, but has told the inquest he wanted to detain Mr Holcombe and return him to hospital.

Mr Gormly and James Sheller, representing Mr Holcombe’s family, argued the officer did not have sufficient grounds to do so.

Mr Gormly criticised Sen Const Rich’s actions after Mr Holcombe had picked up the knife, saying he should have engaged him with questions to defuse the situation, instead of ordering him to drop the weapon.

The police officer claimed he shot Mr Holcombe in self-defence after Mr Holcombe roared “shoot me, shoot me” and ran towards him.

Mr Sheller wants the coroner to reject the police officer’s explanations for pursuing and firing on Mr Holcombe.

“The pursuit was unlawful,” Mr Sheller said.

“There was no movement by Elijah before he was shot.”

Ms Jerram suspended the inquest in October 2010 and referred the case to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to bring criminal charges against Sen Const Rich.

But in 2012, the DPP said the case for self-defence was too strong.

The inquest continues.

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Crowe’s Popa date ‘never existed’

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Studio executives have dismissed rumours that Catholic leader Pope Francis cancelled an upcoming meeting with Noah star Russell Crowe, insisting they were never scheduled to get together in the first place.


The Oscar winner plays the title role of the ark-building biblical hero in the upcoming epic, and reports surfaced on Monday suggesting Pope Francis pulled out of a scheduled meeting with Crowe in Italy on Wednesday.

However, a spokesperson for Paramount studios has denied that Pope Francis and Crowe were slated to meet, telling The Hollywood Reporter: “A meeting was never scheduled”.

Crowe is in Rome for the Italian premiere of Noah on Tuesday, and had hoped to personally meet the leader during his time in the city.

Paramount representatives revealed they did pitch the meeting to The Vatican, but the proposal was turned down.

Crowe has recently campaigned via Twitter to arrange a screening of Noah for the pontiff, tweeting his official account and urging fans to re-post his messages.

He wrote: “Dear Holy Father… Noah film. Screening? The message of the film is powerful, fascinating, resonant… Villagers (fans), given his environmental focus/scholarly knowledge, trying to screen Noah for Pope Francis… You help? retweet previous.”

The film has been a topic of contention among some church leaders, who believe director Darren Aronofsky has portrayed Noah as a dark character.

It has been banned across much of the Muslim world because it portrays a prophet, which contradicts Islam.\

The $US125 million ($A138.00 million) film opens in Australia on March 27.

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Microsoft releases OneNote for Macs

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Microsoft has released a version of its OneNote note-taking software for Macs and added new features and a free tier for all of the software’s users in moves clearly targeted at up-and-coming productivity software rival Evernote.


The moves offer more consumers a taste of its Office 365 suite of software, which normally costs $A119 a year.

The free version of OneNote keeps some functions that give it an edge over the free tier of Evernote, including offline access to notes and the ability for multiple people to work on the same note simultaneously.

New Microsoft users also get seven gigabytes of free online storage through its OneDrive cloud storage service. Free Evernote users are limited to uploading 60 megabytes of data per month. Evernote’s premium users, who pay $A47 a year, can upload 1 gigabyte of data per month.

Some new features play catch-up to what Evernote offered already, including a OneNote Clipper button for web browsers that saves web pages as notes, and a universal email address that gives users a single destination to email documents to themselves for saving as notes. Evernote has its own clipper and an individualised email address for sending notes to oneself.

People who purchase a full Office 365 Home Premium subscription – which includes the Outlook email program, Excel spreadsheet software and PowerPoint presentation tool – will be able to use OneNote functions that are better integrated with other Office programs and get 20 GB of cloud storage. Business users who pay to subscribe will have access to change history and tools that protect sensitive information.

The moves are part of a push by Microsoft to open up the company to working with other software platforms beyond Windows and to emphasise its cloud offerings. While the changes were in place before new CEO Satya Nadella took over in February, he fully supported the moves, said David Rasmussen, group program manager for OneNote.

“We want to actually remove all barriers for people to adopt this,” Rasmussen said.

Microsoft didn’t completely open up its latest software developments to other platforms, however.

One new function, which it calls Office Lens, allows users to take pictures of documents or whiteboards. The program squares up and cleans up the image before saving it as a note, making words recognisable and searchable through character recognition software. The feature comes as a free app only available for Windows Phone.

The premium tier of Evernote has a similar feature that allows users to take photos of business cards. The app automatically saves the information as a contact entry.

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50 properties to make way for NorthConnex

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More than 50 northern Sydney properties could be demolished to make way for the proposed NorthConnex motorway link but the NSW government says it’s too early to say how much compensation will be paid.


Construction on twin tunnels to link the M1 and M2 motorways will start next year and the road link is scheduled to be open to motorists by 2019.

On Tuesday a spokesman for Roads Minister Duncan Gay confirmed some property would need to be acquired for the $3 billion project and a question mark now hangs over 52 commercial, industrial and residential properties.

The properties are along the route and are needed for main work sites at the portals, the intermediate plant areas and where existing roads need to be modified, he said.

“While building a tunnel requires less property acquisition than a surface motorway, some property will need to be acquired for this project,” the spokesman said on Tuesday.

“It is too early to determine the level of compensation required – the project team is committed to working closely with those affected to allow the necessary acquisition to be progressed ahead of work starting in 2015.”

A list of frequently asked questions prepared by NorthConnex in December says a “compulsory acquisition process may be required to complete surface acquisitions whereby agreement cannot be reached with the owners”.

Those whose own properties that may be affected have been recently contacted.

A NorthConnex plan released over the weekend for consultation shows one ventilation unit at West Pennant Hills and another at Wahroonga.

Mr Gay’s spokesman said the final design and height of the stacks would be determined during the environmental assessment and displayed for public feedback in May.

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Venezuela forces take protest plaza

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Venezuela’s authorities have deployed hundreds of security forces, including troops in combat gear, into an opposition stronghold to stamp out protests against the leftist government of President Nicolas Maduro.


The show of force came as the death toll from a month and a half of protests rose to 29 on Monday, after a National Guard captain shot one day earlier during a protest in the city of Maracay died.

Government forces quickly established control after moving into the area around the Plaza Altamira, a focal point of nightly clashes in eastern Caracas between masked protesters and security forces.

The government described the operation as a “liberation” of the neighbourhood, an area of middle and upper income residences and small businesses called Chacao.

At a hastily arranged meeting, Venezuela’s Interior Minister Miguel Rodriguez Torres told the opposition mayor of Chacao he was “turning over the plaza as a territory of peace”.

Rodriguez told reporters the aim was “to develop intensive patrolling that will return this municipality to normalcy.

“We are establishing the rights of thousands of citizens of Chacao who have been shut up in their homes because of the violent actions of groups taking place here,” he said.

Several hundred National Guard troops in combat gear and armed with rifles patrolled the area in groups of four to eight, making spot checks of passing vehicles.

About 150 civilian “Guards of the People” were seen patrolling the neighbourhood on motorcycles.

Columns of police vehicles lined the streets, while workers cleared away barricades built by protesters with garbage and rubble.

Chacao Mayor Ramon Muchacho said more than 1000 security force members took part in the operation.

“The government has informed us that there will be no restrictions on constitutional guarantees, nor on freedom of movement or on the right to protest,” he said.

Residents’ reactions appeared mixed as the day progressed.

“I think it’s good that the Guard comes in so people can get around,” said insurance agent Osvaldo Reyes. “I work around here and I’ve had to swallow tear gas, I’m still hoarse. This is the right thing to do.”

Physical therapist Cynthia Valcazar, however, said the operation was “to intimidate, so that the people won’t go out and protest”.

Saturday, Maduro warned he would not tolerate any more incidents, and intended to take control of the Altamira Plaza area.

His government has been the target of daily protests in cities around the country since February 4, fuelled by public anger over violent crime, inflation, shortages and further stoked by often heavy-handed police tactics.

Maduro contends the protests are part of a “fascist” right-wing, US-backed plot to destabilise his year-old government.

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Eagles keen to unleash Nic Nat the beast

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He’s been dogged by groin issues for the best part of 15 months, but West Coast “beast” Nic Naitanui has lost none of his explosive pace or dazzling leap, according to former Fremantle ruckman Justin Longmuir.


Naitanui’s 2013 campaign was ruined by a long-standing groin injury, but he’ll front up in Sunday’s clash with the Bulldogs at Patersons Stadium after making it through two pre-season hit-outs unscathed.

The Eagles are hopeful Naitanui’s groin issues are now behind him, with Longmuir predicting new coach Adam Simpson will be amazed by what the 201cm will produce in games.

“Looking at it from an opposition’s point of view as Simmo has looked at him from the past, sometimes you don’t get the full perspective,” said Longmuir, who is West Coast’s forward line coach

“It will be interesting to see what Adam’s thoughts are after he watches him for the first half of the year. He’s an exciting beast and he doesn’t need a lot of possessions to influence the game.

“He did a fair bit of centre bounce work in our scratch match last week and looked to have his leap there, so that’s exciting.

“Obviously his endurance won’t be at full peak because he hasn’t had the match fitness. But we’re hoping that his explosiveness is still there.”

Meanwhile, Eagles skipper Darren Glass will wait until later in the year before deciding whether to play on or not.

Glass indicated last week that 2014 is likely to be his last year, but he wants to sit down with the club’s hierarchy near the end of the season before making a final call.

The 32-year-old said the emergence of Eric Mackenzie, Will Schofield and Mitch Brown in recent years meant the club’s key position defensive stocks would be in good shape once he retires.

“Eric Mackenzie is our main defender now,” Glass said.

“He takes the No.1 target and that’s been happening for a few years now. It’s helped me add a couple of extra years to my career.

“And clearly Mitch Brown and Will Schofield continue to develop and improve. So we’ve been putting that (succession plan) into place for a long time.”

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Australian sports need access to police intelligence – Speed

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Speed, ICC chief executive from 2001-08, now heads the Coalition of Major Professional and Participation Sports (COMPPS), an advocacy group representing the governing bodies of top Australian sports including cricket, rugby and soccer.


Australia has been on the front foot drafting legislation to fight betting-related corruption, and convicted two British footballers in Victoria state in December using new legislative powers.

World soccer’s governing body FIFA extended a lifetime ban globally on the players on Monday after they were banned in Australia for seeking to corrupt outcomes in Victoria’s state-level competition.

Speed welcomed a move by Australia’s Queensland state announced this week to introduce legislation targeted at betting-related crime in sports, but said bureaucracy was slowing the fight against corruption.

“It’d be great if police forces had increased capacity to share information with sporting bodies about suspicious activity,” Speed told Reuters by telephone on Tuesday.

“The police forces are restrained by legislation in some states from providing that information. It might be that police forces see a player who is not committing a criminal offence but is associating with known criminals.

“They’re limited in their ability to pass that information to sporting bodies.

“And the sporting bodies, particularly the AFL (Australian Football League), have been pushing for that wider power for some time.”

The AFL, governing body of the popular indigenous football code Australian Rules, has been wary of players associating with criminal figures after an explosive report last year found links between professional sports and organised crime.

The Australian Crime Commission (ACC) report alleged criminal figures were also involved in the supply of banned performance-enhancing drugs among players.

No convictions have been recorded as a result of a comprehensive probe sparked by the report, which was slammed as a witchhunt by athletes and administrators alike, but Speed said it had served its purpose.

“I think the politicians overcooked the pudding at the time but each of the sports has treated that (report) as a very stern reminder that they need to do what they can to prevent the influence of international matchfixers,” he said.

“The Victorian Premier League case is a good example of that,” he said, referring to the match-fixing scandal in Victorian soccer.

“It’s gamblers in a foreign country using a Victorian event of which there is very little betting in Australia to corrupt an outcome.

“Given the timing of the ACC report, and later the same year we have the first known instance of an international matchfixer operating in Australia, I think that’s very timely and all of the sports have taken serious notice of that.”

Queensland state, home to Super Rugby’s Queensland Reds and a number of top professional sports franchises, will join three of Australia’s six states in introducing legislation targeting betting-related corruption in sports.

Speed urged Western Australia and Tasmania states to commit to the same.

“Western Australia state that their existing legislation, their general fraud legislation which is not specific to sports betting, covers the situation,” said Speed, a former barrister.

“I don’t believe that’s the case.

“We don’t want to see a situation where a matchfixer or corrupter can come to Australia and commit an offence in one state or territory and do the same act in another state and not commit an offence.

“We don’t want to see forum shopping where matchfixers come into a particular state because the legislation is more favourable to them.”

(Editing by Peter Rutherford)

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Australia attack potent enough without Johnson – Bailey

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The left-arm quick has been in the form of his life, bowling Australia to an Ashes whitewash of bitter rivals England followed by an impressive performance in the subsequent test series victory in South Africa.


A toe infection, however, means Australia will miss Johnson’s unnerving pace and the disconcerting bounce he generates from difficult angles as they bid for the only major cricket trophy to have eluded them.

Fellow left-arm paceman Doug Bollinger has been called up as Johnson’s replacement and Bailey backed him to be a success in Bangladesh.

“We’ll miss Mitch, no doubt about that,” Bailey told reporters.

“Just looking at his form over the last six months, he’s been absolutely unbelievable for us. The last time he was in the subcontinent in the one-day series against India in October, he was really good there.

“But having said that, (in) Doug Bollinger, as his replacement, I think we’re really lucky to have that sort of back up.

“I think Doug’s in great touch. He has got some good Twenty20 form and pedigree behind himself and he has got good pace and swings the ball. These are the things which I think would be handy over here.”


Australia begin their Group B campaign against Pakistan on March 23, boasting a batting order replete with exciting strokemakers including David Warner, Aaron Finch, Shane Watson and the captain himself.

Bailey was equally pleased with the variety in the bowling department.

“I’m really happy with the pace battery. In the subcontinent conditions, it’s important to have really good pace, to have guys swing the ball.

“With the addition of Doug, I think in Mitchell Starc and Nathan Coulter-Nile, we’ve got three guys who bowl at really good pace and swing the ball. That’s really important for us.

“I guess another important thing is you’ve to finish it well in the other end and all these guys have great skills at death (bowling).”

Spin bowlers are expected to play a crucial role in Bangladesh’s slow and low wickets and Bailey said he was spoilt for choice in that department.

“I think we got all bases covered. Brad Hogg… guess he’s been around for 30 years. James Muirhead is a really exciting leg-spinner for us.

“I love the option of having leg-spinners. I think they are match-winners, wicket-takers. They force batsmen to do something different.

“I think we’ve got a lot of part-time and back-up spinners. Glenn Maxwell has done a really good job for us in Twenty20 bowling. He’s probably no longer a part-time spinner, plays a main role for us.

“Finch bowls a little bit of leg spin, Cameron White bowls a little bit of leg-spin… we’ve got plenty of options there.”

(Editing by Sudipto Ganguly and John O’Brien)

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