Lorde not teaching Lord’s message: church

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Lorde help them.


Young women looking up to Lorde are being taught the wrong messages according to a radical American religious group.

Westboro Baptist Church has chosen the New Zealand teenager as their latest target, saying she refuses to educate young women in the ways of the Lord.

Church members are planning to picket at the Grammy winner’s Friday night show (US time) in Kansas City, which is part of her US tour.

The church says adults have failed to train Lorde in the ways of the Lord and she “will not teach young women to be sober and Godly”.

“(Lorde) spends her time, energy and talent serving herself and teaching other people how to be indolent rebels,” the church’s picket brochure says.

The 17-year-old Kiwi teen discovered their plans on Wednesday morning (local time) and isn’t rolling over.

She’s telling fans to wear brightly-coloured clothes and kiss picketing churchgoers of the same sex.

“Everyone wear rainbow clothing to that show,” she tweeted on Wednesday.

“Everyone try to kiss church members who are same sex as you they will so love it. Christmas comin (sic) early in Kansas City.”

Westboro Baptist Church, whose website is called godhatesfags广西桑拿,, is known for its extreme beliefs and has made headlines for protesting against Jews and at funerals for US soldiers.

The church has a particularly strong stance against homosexual relationships.

Last week, Lorde went head to head with Australian shock jock Kyle Sandilands when he asked her about her friendship with Taylor Swift, who has also been the subject of a Westboro protest.

Sandilands questioned Lorde on whether she was in a lesbian relationship with Swift to which Lorde replied: “Is there something wrong with lesbians?”

Outspoken Lorde, who hails from Devonport in Auckland, is known for voicing her opinions and biting back at media commentators.

Westboro Baptist Church members will be protesting outside Kansas City’s Midland Theatre prior to the start time of Lorde’s show, saying they will inform the 17-year-old of how she should behave.

“Good news… WBC will help you by clearly telling you the duty of young women.”

Lorde’s debut single Royals shot to number one in several countries, including the US and New Zealand, following its release last year.

She won Grammy awards for song of the year and best pop solo performance and was named best international female solo artist at the Brit awards.

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