Harry and Christo given MKR chop

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Slicing fingers as often as onions is one of the hazards of appearing on My Kitchen Rules according to eliminated home cook Harry Curtis.


Curtis and his lifelong friend Christo Gibson were cut from the series on Tuesday night after losing a sudden-death cook-off to twin sisters Helena and Vikki.

The two Victorian mates struggled with the time constraints on MKR while Curtis also struggled to carefully handle a knife.

In the very first cooking challenge the pair faced, Curtis cut himself numerous times and he was often seen with blue surgical tape on his digits during the series.

“Kitchens are a nightmare for me … I tend to cut myself,” Curtis told AAP.

“I lost count (how many times I cut myself) after the first episode.

“The blue tape is easier to see if it falls into the soup than a band aid.”

But Curtis “Scissor Hands” was not alone.

On Tuesday night’s episode both of Vikki’s thumbs were heavily taped and last week’s eliminated cook Jason Chesworth regularly spilt blood as well.

Chesworth said the nurse on set was kept busy and he, like Curtis, had also lost count of the number of times his fingers got in the way of a knife.

“Those knives are pretty sharp,” Chesworth told AAP.

“You have this clock ticking in your back of your head constantly so there are always going to be knicks when you have sharp knives in a cooking competition.

“I lost count the number of times … you got used to it being a daily occurrence.”

Besides learning that knives are sharp and skin is like butter, Curtis said the series showed him that you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

He said Christo was clearly the stronger cook of the pair but he had improved his own culinary skills by being on MKR.

“We are not good at time management and coming into this Christo was obviously the better cook,” Curtis said.

“I’ve come out of it knowing if you knuckle down and work hard you can achieve anything.”

Even though Harry has been one of the most popular characters on this series, he has rarely been out in public since January after he broke his back when he dived into shallow water.

He is confined to bed about 12 hours a day and he has some four to 10 more months of rehab to complete.

Curtis said he was mindful of not getting addicted to his medication so a few weeks after the accident he took himself off the multiple painkillers he had been prescribed.

“I went off painkillers as it was pretty easy just to sit there in my bed and have lots of medication and not do my rehab,” he said.

“They’re additive and I didn’t want to be reliant on them so I have not really been able to experience MKR in its entirety.”

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